Hi! I’m Kayleigh

I’m a former opera singer who left the stage to do an MBA and a law degree (because… why not). I spent a few years working at a law firm and in a large corporation, and now I’m out in the wonderful wilderness of entrepreneurship, building my dream life and living my purpose: to show people how awesome the fine arts are, and to teach them how to become a fan of the arts in a way that’s approachable (but not dumb), fun (but not lame), and uplifting (but not cheesy).

The fine arts are really, really awesome – they’re basically a toolkit for knowing ourselves better, feeling more at home with who we are, and celebrating how amazing human achievement can be. So now I use my background as a musician, my personal obsession with the fine arts, and my expertise in breaking down complex subjects to teach you how to become a life-long fan of something that can truly enrich your everyday.

But you came here to learn more about me! I’m a Canadian West Coast (best coast) girl, originally from the prairies (hence, the sailor’s mouth, interminable optimism, and foolhardy devotion to the Roughriders). My husband Ryan is a professional orchestral trumpet player, and we live on Vancouver Island (which, if you don’t know, is super Pacific Northwest-y… lots of bookshops, beaches, and coffee). I’m obsessed with La Croix (coconut is my favourite), my boxer Molly (the most beautiful dog in the world), and, of course, the fine arts. I’m a self-professed study addict (partly for the stationery…), I love routines and minimalism (because: efficiency), and I’ve been a student of personal development and self-improvement since I was a very weird (unique?) child.

I’m also passionate about making art (I personally love lettering and needlecraft), Ryan and I do freelance writing, consulting, and management services for artists and non-profits through our company Fanfare Consulting & Services Inc., and I spend a lot of time watching Judge Judy, reading non-fiction, and making music.

So if you love to learn (perhaps you’re a #studyaddict like me), you think you might be interested in becoming a fan of one or all of the fine arts, or you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur yourself… subscribe and follow along!

And thank you for stopping by!