Zen time, guaranteed


The week between Christmas and New Year’s is quite possibly my favourite week of the year. First of all, there’s always a fridge full of leftovers and a counter full of baked goods. Second, you’ve got all your awesome new Christmas stuff to enjoy. And third, it’s the week before this year ends and the new one begins, which means it’s brimming with reflection, anticipation, and possibility.

So whether you had a hectic festive season and are in need of some alone time, or are still riding the wave of mellow holiday vibes, look no further for some opportunities for zen-ing out. Maybe you’re still working on that Christmas puzzle and want something other than the same jolly crap you’ve been listening to ad nauseum. Maybe you want to watch and hear some gorgeous shit so you don’t have to watch one more children’s holiday television special. Regardless of why you could use a moment of relaxation, I’m here for you.

Enjoy the zen-out!