Confessions of a YouTube dance fangirl


In positive psychology (which you might know as The Law of Attraction, or perhaps its lamer cousin The Secret), one of the foundational principles is that you cannot attract what you desire if you’re not “in alignment.”

*record scratch* (Woo woo crazy alarm goes off) What the hell does that mean?

It means you need to feel really great to have great things show up in your life, which is pretty intuitive if you’re new to this stuff. You know when you’re “on a roll” in your life, and good stuff just keeps happening to you? First you find five bucks in the pocket of your jeans, then you get an email that you got the job interview you wanted, then you run into a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, then, when you’re out for dinner with that long-lost friend, the hot bartender gives you his number. Law of Attraction. So, Law of Attraction peeps are big on finding activities that help them “get into alignment” (find the $5) in order to get to that “high vibe” state that will allow everything they want to flow to them.

Sounds good right? But how do you do it? As Law of Attraction teacher (and one of my personal idols) Jess Lively says, how you get into alignment looks different for every person… and it doesn’t have to look like meditating or walking on the beach. It can look like watching Gilmore Girls and eating a big ol’ chunk of dark chocolate with your coffee first thing in the morning. It can be taking an hour to do your hair and makeup while blasting ‘90s music because it brings you a ton of joy. It can be playing with your dog, or reading trashy magazines, or going for an extra-long run.

As Jess says, it literally can be whatever brings you so much joy you almost feel like you’re getting away with something.

I’m totally into that stuff, and one of my very, VERY favourite ways to get into alignment is to watch dance videos on YouTube. Often in the morning I watch one of my favourites (like this one by choreographer/teacher Galen Hooks… omg I love it so much I CAN’T. EVEN.). If I’m feeling stressed, I’ll watch a beautiful ballet video (like this one of Swan Lake Act II), or a pick-me-up Broadway number (like this one of the revival cast of West Side Story – bonus points for a very young Lin Manuel Miranda doing the intro!).  

Watching people dance fires up my brain. It makes my heart beat in steady rhythm. It makes me go, “holy shit – human beings are frickin’ amazing” and get so excited to just love on everyone I interact with that day. It makes me want to make stuff. It makes me want to express myself. And it gets me SO fired up about working hard and letting my own spark shine through what I do.

So you should try it! And you know how you can fall down a YouTube rabbit hole? This is actually a good time to do that! Next time you’re hanging out or in need of shaking off a bad mood or looking for something to do with your kids, click through a bunch of dance videos. Where to start? Search for something like “best ______ dance videos.” For example, “best ballet dance videos” yields a crapload of awesome results. Or “best modern dance videos” or “best hip hop dance videos.” Click on ones that (a) have lots of views, and (b) are clearly professionally made, then follow the magical YouTube algorithms that are working in your favour for once.

And – before you click away to watch some epic dance videos, cuz I KNOW you’re going to – here’s a hot YouTube tip: make some damn playlists. I know this is YouTube 101, but I only recently started actually curating playlists for myself, mostly as a place to save things like “Inspirational Favourites”, or “Hilarious Crap.” So when you find the dance videos that get YOU in alignment, pop ‘em into your new “High Vibe” playlist, and let the Law of Attraction do it’s thing.