Wonderfully Lazy Classical Music Love


Yesterday I wrote about why it takes some effort to become a true fine arts fan (again, sorry, but it’s true and it’s worth it). I also mentioned in that post, however, that sometimes I’m all about a little casual arts enjoyment. As a hardcore classical music lover (and former classical musician), of course I’m all about knowing everything about the works I listen to… most of the time. But now and then, I’m down for some passive, easy listening.

So today I’m telling you how I like to casually listen to classical music. Teaser: it makes me feel super classy, keeps me calm and focused, and is a great way to take a refreshing breather.

Easy Classical Music Love Method #1: Soundtrack Your Workday

This is how I trick – erm, I mean, woo – my friends and family into loving classical music. Especially when you’re just getting into it, listening to classical music while you work is a great way to “get it into your ears.” I love to listen to classical radio or streaming playlists while I work because it prevents me from constantly choosing new songs, it keeps me focused but calm and happy, and it allows me to WRITE (the whole no lyrics thing is so helpful). I wrote a whole post about it here, including some of my favourite radio stations and playlists. Try it for a workday and see if you’re not feeling classier, chiller, and smarter all at once.  

Easy Classical Music Love Method #2: Take a YouTube Break

I’m pretty obsessed with optimal workflow, and I have been since law school (when I learned that I could not manifest more hours in the day, so I better learn how to use my time wisely). At some point while outlining countless cases and going through so many highlighters it would make your head spin, I discovered the Pomodoro productivity method (wherein you set a timer for 25 minutes at a time, and take a mandatory 5 or 15 minute break in between each block of work). If you do hardcore knowledge work that requires intense focus, I highly recommend it. And while you’re on your brain break, why not take a little YouTube refresher? Check out the post I wrote about classical music on YouTube here for tips on how to find the best stuff. Your brain will thank you.

Easy Classical Music Love Method #3: Have a Night at the Symphony

This is my personal favourite (especially since I’m married to an orchestral musician, so I’m constantly at the symphony). Going to the symphony makes an awesome date of any sort – romantic, with a friend, or with your mom. But it also makes an awesome night to yourself. You see, one of the best parts of being married to a musician is going to a ton of classical concerts alone. It’s not weird, no one thinks anything of it, and it’s so incredibly relaxing. I kick back in a seat chosen because it’s in the middle of nowhere (aka, I like to sit where no one else is sitting), and sometimes I just let the music wash over me. Sometimes I listen intensely, but sometimes I just let my mind wander or quiet to a meditative lull while I soak in the music. It. Is. Glorious.

There you go! Three easy, casual, delightful ways to take in classical music. Try one ASAP and see if (how!) it infuses your day with joy, focus, and inspiration.